Orlando program is helping cancer patients navigate life after treatments

Interviewer: Dr. Orman, thank you for joining us to discuss your remarkable program, HEAL, and its impact on breast cancer survivors. Can you begin by telling us about the inspiration behind the HEAL program?

Dr. Amber Orman: Absolutely, it’s a pleasure to be here. The inspiration for HEAL stemmed from witnessing the uncertainties and anxieties that breast cancer survivors face post-treatment. Many of them, like Dee Harmer, have no family history of cancer and are left wondering how they acquired it. So, I wanted to create a program that empowers these survivors to take control of their health and well-being in the post-cancer journey.

Interviewer: Can you describe how the HEAL program works and what it entails?

Dr. Amber Orman: HEAL is an 8-week program that covers a range of factors affecting one’s overall well-being. It stands for Healthy Eating Active Lifestyle. In essence, it helps breast cancer survivors adopt a holistic approach to their health. We focus on healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and even the quality of relationships. By addressing these aspects, we aim to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence, which is a primary concern for many survivors.

Interviewer: Dee Harmer, one of your HEAL program graduates, shared her experience. Can you tell us more about how HEAL has specifically impacted participants like Dee?

Dr. Amber Orman: Dee’s story is a great example of the positive impact of the HEAL program. She was initially shocked by her breast cancer diagnosis, with no prior family history of the disease. After her surgery and treatment, she found herself wondering about life after cancer. HEAL provided her with a roadmap to a healthier lifestyle. The program encourages changes like adopting a primarily plant-based diet, practicing activities like yoga, and cultivating mindfulness.

Interviewer: You mentioned a communal aspect to the program. How does this camaraderie factor into the HEAL program’s success?

Dr. Amber Orman: The sense of community is crucial to HEAL’s success. These women share a unique bond formed through their shared experiences. They not only support one another but also hold each other accountable for the lifestyle changes they’ve committed to making. It’s a network of encouragement and understanding that provides both emotional and practical support.

Interviewer: Dr. Orman, for those interested in participating in the HEAL program or supporting breast cancer survivors, what would you recommend or suggest they do?

Dr. Amber Orman: For breast cancer survivors interested in joining the program, I’d recommend reaching out to their healthcare providers for more information and guidance on whether HEAL is the right fit for them. As for supporting breast cancer survivors, understanding and compassion go a long way. Communities, both online and offline, play a vital role in providing the necessary support system. It’s a collective effort to empower survivors on their journey to a healthier, post-cancer life.

Interviewer: Thank you, Dr. Orman, for shedding light on the HEAL program and the remarkable work you’re doing to help breast cancer survivors navigate life after treatments. Your holistic approach and focus on community support are truly inspiring.

Dr. Amber Orman: Thank you for having me, and for helping us raise awareness about the importance of post-cancer care and support. It’s a cause that’s very close to my heart


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